About Me

I am a one of a kind, psychic astrologer. My goal is to spread peace, love and encouragement.

I work with the spirit guides that surround each and every one of us to provide insight from the other side about our daily lives. I help bring direction, guidance and a renewed sense of self enlightenment to anyone I can.

We start with your astrological natal chart, and then proceed by discussing and unearthing the insights that matter to you.

Peter Marks knew at a young age that he was prescient; that he had an ability that only a few possess. An ability to receive messages from the “other side” and relay those messages to the intended person on this side.

Peter has done readings for celebrities and royalty, growing increasingly more in demand and respected. He’s a frequent guest on various radio and TV shows, including as a regular on the Joyce Barrie and Friends Radio Program on BlogTalk Radio. He also confers with those seeking his guidance on the phone, through Skype, on Facebook, and invites them into his home for a more personal, private approach. He will occasionally do readings for large groups, but prefers a more intimate setting to impart his gifted information.

While much of the information he receives is helpful and provides clarity and closure for those who have lost loved ones, he also picks up on other personal issues that may need to be addressed – career insights, love life, personal struggles, addiction, parenting, grief – Peter provides a unique, positive perspective that inspires motivation and drastic life change.

Peter Marks at Mar-A-Lago

While some might believe that individuals like Marks are dealing with something above or beyond religion, perhaps leaning into the occult, he is a deeply spiritual man, and a Christian, who believes that faith is a powerful force that can shape lives, and society in general, in positive ways. After leaving the world of broadcast TV & radio, Peter became heavily involved in spiritual readings and serving as a spiritual life coach some 25 years ago, a path upon which he continues quite successfully on to this day.

Reach out today for your one of a kind reading that is certainly more accurate and uplifting than any experience you’ve had before.

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